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Advances in technology and printing techniques after World War II increased the artist's ability to create artwork using new methods. Art historians approach and examine a work of art in the context of the world within which it was created and respects its creator's motivations and imperatives. Acceptance as athestically pleasing will rely heavily on the desires and prejudices of patrons and sponsors to be considered a true form of art as does any school of art.


I have a long history of interest in art. I started drawing and painting when I was three years-old and have never stopped. I studied art and art history, earned two art degrees, taught art to children and adults and have experience with most mediums of expression. And now I am experiencing a new kind of medium -- digital technology. What makes up digital pictures? Dots...called "pixels." Digital artists create pictures by manipulating the pixels, or all the dots that make up the images. And the same as any artist using their preferred medium, I create my digital & giclée artwork using the elements of line, shape, color, texture, and composition. My process begins with my scanned original hand drawings, or paintings, and extracts from photographs skillfully combined with a creative use of computer graphic programs and technology.


I am satisfied that I have obtained artistic effects using my medium and achieved athestically pleasing effects in my work. But you be the judge. Are the pieces shown below pleasing to your eye? Would you enjoy sending my card designs to your friends? Would you enjoy living with my artwork in your home?


Notecard Collection

Barnyard Collection

Digital & Giclée Collection

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