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The Bound by Destiny Trilogy


The trilogy is a philosophical family saga available in both paperback and e-book.



~ In a World Apart ~ In a Perfect World ~


And Coming Soon, the final book in the series!


~ In a Secret World ~

In a World Apart


A private Learjet is sabotaged on its way to Southampton, killing the wealthy and aristocratic parents of young Hayley Hamilton. Hayley, the lone survivor, awakes from a coma and a friend of her mother’s, wealthy British Psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Gabriel-Johns, lifts her out of her trauma. After leaving the trauma center, Hayley sequesters herself in her parent’s Park Avenue penthouse where she feels safe from the outside world. After five years of loneliness and isolation, Hayley attempts to rejoin the world with the help of her only friend, news journalist Christine Horowitz. Then, Peter returns to her, first as a friend, and then as her lover. They are all unaware that attached to Peter is the very danger she sought to escape. This is a memorable story of glamorous people and exquisite locations, romance, mystery, suspense, and startling twists and turns all exquisitely wrapped in a tightly woven story of love, friendship, revenge, retribution and destiny.




In a Perfect World


Go on a wild rollercoaster ride with Hayley, Christine, and their friend, Pookie. Hang on for a wild ride on a thrilling worldwide fashion venture and to Broadway and Hollywood with Matthew (ever the sneaky self-promoter), who cozies up to Christine’s parents, Diane Wyndham and Ben Horowitz, two Hollywood moguls to further his acting career.

Go around frightening dips, heights and curves for a bumpy rides deep into Africa with Peter, Edward and Cousin Andrew on a dangerous covert mission for an International Consortium. Just because Hayley was born into British high society doesn’t mean she won’t cast off her mother’s rigid hold to live her life without social class expectations. Hayley and Chris are determined to live their lives their own way with no holds barred and forged their own daring paths, strewn with colorful characters, intense passion, and unpredictable choices.

Hold on tight while you travel on a wild ride with Hayley and Christine, and with Peter, Edward and cousin Andrew, while they meet new people who stir up trouble, upset their equilibrium, complicate — and possibly threaten — their lives.


In a Secret World

(Coming soon!)



In a Secret World finds Seven Valleys in turmoil and change after the adoption and growth to young adulthood of Lucas and Angelica. The Estate becomes a staging ground for many entanglements and worldwide challenges that Andrew, Chris Hayley, Peter, and the Gabriel-Johns family never could have anticipated -- and they wonder --


"In whom can we place our trust?"

Madame Woo


Whatever you choose to call the book - a Novella, Novelette, Short Novel, or Short Story -  here it is...Madame Woo, a story about two San Franciscans -- one, Valentine Day, a successful and popular romance fiction novelist whose family life  is a disaster and whose own love life provides her with nothing to write about. And the other, Hartley Warburton-Darling, CEO of Madame Woo, a gourmet frozen food manufacturer, who freezes love out of his busy life. When they meet, you will wonder if Val even knows how to recognize love when it comes at her full force, and if Hart can find a way to show her.


Time for Romance


You'll be taken by the hand and led on a 12-step journey that’s sometimes warm and cozy and sometimes fraught with hazards. There are warnings about what could happen if you’re not aware of those big puddles of icky stuff you don’t want to step into! Some of the steps walk you through the importance of self-esteem issues that occasionally pop up, and it’s a fun and satisfying way for you to develop your power using worksheets, checklists, and self-tests, that help you identify and appreciate your personal assets and values, and will pull you toward a sense of control over your own life. You’ll read real-life stories from women who have been there and done that! There are some words to the wise, some gloating and yeah, snarky comments and some whining, too.

And after you’ve climbed all 12 steps to the top on your journey toward empowerment, you’ll feel excited about being a charismatic 21st Century woman dating with confidence and pizzazz!



The Ghost in the Classroom Closet


I am Tallulah…but you can call me Lulu. Everybody does.

I’m going to tell you a story about the boo-tastic ghost that appeared in the classroom closet

when Mrs. Huff asked the class to tell scary stories on Halloween dress up day!


Written by Taylor Bratton & Lauren Shepherd

Granddaughter & Grandmother for elementary school-aged children!


Baby Elephant Forgets


One of Baby's most favorite things in the whole, wide world is the color red...and that includes red balloons!


Find out what happens when Mama buys Baby a red balloon from Babby, the Balloon Baboon

at the market and Baby forgets where he put his big, Pretty, red balloon.


Will he remember...or not!?


Written for children under five years-old.